Dear Massachusetts State Troopers

Tuesday evening, Sept 22, 10:05 pm: What the hell?  Eastbound on the MassPike between Framingham and Newton, a car appeared in the passing lane traveling at a phenomenal speed.  90?  100?  120?  Higher?  My car isn’t equipped with a radar to measure such data.

Oh, by the way, it was a state trooper. No lights, no siren.  Just breakneck speed.

It flew by, and then, surprisingly, seemed to slow down several hundred yards ahead.  I was doing about 70 in a 65 mph zone, so as Boston drivers go I was barely moving, but pretty soon I caught up to the vehicle, because it had slowed down to a rate far below the speed limit.  40?  Again, no way to tell.  But it was at that point, when I passed it, that it was traveling at a dangerously SLOW speed.

Then? It sped up again to light speed and flashed away, disappearing in moments.  No flashing lights, no siren, nothing to warn citizens of a dangerously risky situation.

What was going on?  Was a trooper — a Bostonian in the habit of driving way too fast since a teenager — having too much fun?  Was he or she practicing high speed chase maneuvers? Whatever the purpose, this was extremely unsafe and unprofessional behavior.


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