Dear Massachusetts State Troopers

September 23, 2009

Tuesday evening, Sept 22, 10:05 pm: What the hell?  Eastbound on the MassPike between Framingham and Newton, a car appeared in the passing lane traveling at a phenomenal speed.  90?  100?  120?  Higher?  My car isn’t equipped with a radar to measure such data.

Oh, by the way, it was a state trooper. No lights, no siren.  Just breakneck speed.

It flew by, and then, surprisingly, seemed to slow down several hundred yards ahead.  I was doing about 70 in a 65 mph zone, so as Boston drivers go I was barely moving, but pretty soon I caught up to the vehicle, because it had slowed down to a rate far below the speed limit.  40?  Again, no way to tell.  But it was at that point, when I passed it, that it was traveling at a dangerously SLOW speed.

Then? It sped up again to light speed and flashed away, disappearing in moments.  No flashing lights, no siren, nothing to warn citizens of a dangerously risky situation.

What was going on?  Was a trooper — a Bostonian in the habit of driving way too fast since a teenager — having too much fun?  Was he or she practicing high speed chase maneuvers? Whatever the purpose, this was extremely unsafe and unprofessional behavior.


MassPike Morass

September 22, 2009

Thursday, Sept 17: why did it take me THREE HOURS to drive from Framingham to East Boston?  It is about 32 miles, and usually takes about 40-45 minutes.  Just the 12-mile section alone of Rte 90 between Framingham and the toll plaza at Rte 95/128 took TWO (2) HOURS.

I left my office at Framingham State College at 4:30 and finally arrived at home at 7:30 pm.  It would have felt good to have killed someone, except that I was far too tired.  Now, who can I blame?…